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SUV and ambulance crash in Kanawha County injuring 3

It may be safe to say that whenever a motorist is in the road, the traveler generally has some form of destination in mind. An afternoon road trip just for the fun of it involves some kind plan—even if the plan is to explore for new sights. But, in many situations, the destinations of drivers on the road are quite defined.

As a culture, we may look to news reports about traffic accidents to learn what may have gone wrong, if anyone was injured and other information regarding the circumstances of the crash. These may generally be important facts. The aftermath of a crash that produces no injuries may involve exchanging information for damage purposes.

But, when injuries are involved, the aftermath of the crash may involve a great deal of other issues. Medical bills, lost time from work, recovering from injuries—there may be many changes in plans that are forced by the accident. In some circumstances, a wreck can affect people who were not even involved in the wreck.

Three people were injured in an accident involving a Kanawha County ambulance and sport utility vehicle Wednesday afternoon. Police say that paramedics were en route to an emergency call with lights and sirens activated. What kind of emergency call was involved is not clear from the public media.

A 29-year-old Charleston, West Virginia, woman reportedly was driving a Ford Escape when the van-like ambulance approached her vehicle from the rear.

Police say that the woman began to pull to the right to yield for the passing emergency vehicle. However, the berm to the right was too narrow, and police say that she pulled left hoping to have room to turn into a driveway. The ambulance slammed into the SUV.

Two paramedics were riding in the ambulance. The two workers and the Charleston woman in the SUV were all injured in the wreck. All three were taken to Charleston Area Medical Center with minor injuries from the crash.

The Charleston woman reportedly was given a citation for an improper turn.

Source: Charleston Gazette, “Woman cited in Kanawha ambulance accident,” July 12, 2013

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